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Orlando Airport Parking

Don’t overpay to park on site at the Orlando International Airport, when the largest Orlando airport parking facility is just 1.4 miles from the airport. We have made airport parking more convenient, affordable, easy, secure and faster. Park Bark and Fly Airport Parking conducted rigorous and extensive research before opening our doors in, 2006. There is no other offsite airport parking facility that can exceed the numerous services offered under one roof or size.

At Park Bark and Fly, we saw the need to provide our customers with fast and convenient airport parking reservation services. So we implemented a new way for our customers to pay for parking, in 2008 we became the first publicly owned parking facility to work out an agreement with the proper authorities and allow customers to pay for parking using their toll passes. We did not stop there we went even a step further to save time and added a new feature on our website that allows customers to book their parking reservation online. Now there is no need to waste any more time at Orlando airport parking facilities, just use ours.

After looking at our research and observations we noticed the need to provide a safe and secure airport parking facility that operates 24 hours per day, while providing safe surroundings. Therefore we added lights to our facility to ensure that customers feel safe, regardless of the time they arriving or leaving our Orlando airport parking facility. Plus we can drop you off or pick you up directly from your vehicle to ensure you get to your destination safely. If you have any other suggestions or thoughts on how we can better improve our airport parking facility, feel free to send us a message using our contact form available on our Contact page.

When you are looking for the lowest rates and best services in the Orlando International Airport area, give us a try. We have been in business since 2006 and are always looking for new ways to save you time and money. Park Bark and Fly also offers, pet sitting, RV and boat storage, storage and car detailing services. There are many other airport parking facilities in Orlando, see for yourself why more people choose us more often to park near the airport. Thank you for visiting our website and helping us grow into the largest facility that provides the most services under one roof.

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