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Parking at the Airport

Getting out of the airport is not what it used to be nowadays, passengers need to pass security checks and make sure they don’t have prohibited items in their luggage and if they do it’s going to take even longer. That is just what you have to go through once you arrive at the airport, now let’s get to what passengers go through before they get to the airport; high parking rates, time-consuming parking process and finding a safe place to park their vehicle. Well, when you park at Park Bark and Fly Airport Parking we can’t do anything about the security checks, but we can save you time and money on airport parking. Our facility is just 1.5 miles from the Orlando International Airport and we are the alternative to, parking at the airport in Orlando.

Parking at the airport in Orlando is just as complicated and expensive as it is in every airport in the United States. There are many offsite airport parking facilities to choose from no other one can compare to our everyday low rates, services or our incorporation of technology. When you use our parking facility you will be able to book your parking reservation online, use your toll pass to pay for parking and you can have your car detailed and get an oil change while you are on vacation or work. Compare rates for yourself and will find that our rates are among or are the lowest in town 365 per year. Plus you can save even more money once you sign up for our monthly promotional coupon club.

We are able to offer low parking rates because we have the largest airport parking facility and don’t depend solely on parking fees, like the rest of the other parking facilities.

We have been providing parking services at the airport in Orlando since, 2006 and we look forward to expanding on our already numerous services in the future, with the help our customers. If there is anything that we can help you with visit our website and drop us a note via our Contact form. Thank you for making us your preferred offsite airport parking facility. We are here to help and we look forward to being of service to you, the next time you are looking for a convenient, safe and affordable alternative to parking at the airport near the Orlando International Airport.

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